About Us

About Us


C&W Homes are a UK based property investment company.  

We have various strategies with property investment including; Buy-to-Let, HMO & Flips.

We endeavour to produce homes for individuals and families that we would be proud to live in ourselves.  We work hard to deliver modern, comfortable and warm homes 

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Who Are We?

C&W Homes was formed in 2019 by the current owners Martin Wallbank and Simon Charnock. 

We have shared a passion to be successful in  property investment for a number of years, with us taking the decision to work as partners in November 2018.


Accelerate Your Savings With Us

Our Savings accelerator offers you the opportunity to work with C&W Homes by offering a loan on one of our property investments. We will secure your loan against the property purchase and get to work  creating a modern, comfortable and clean home fit for individuals and families. Any works completed will be done in order to also increase the properties value. The project strategy will be outlined from the very start and your loan and interest will be repaid within an agreed time scale, usually 12 months. This payment is fixed meaning that should the loan be repaid early, you still receive the full amount we agreed. 

Once the Loan is repaid, we can do it all over again...and again...and again!i