Website Accessibility

We have endeavoured to make our site as usable and accessible as possible so that you are able to find the information you are looking for as quickly and as easily as possible, and regardless of any impairments.

You will also find a number of features that should ensure the site is as accessible as possible to users with impairments and their adaptive technology.


Each option in the main navigation at the top of each page can be accessed using your keyboard as well as your mouse.

You can access any section by pressing the 'Alt' key ('Ctrl' key on Macintosh computers) and the number or letter for that option (below). Depending on your browser, you may then need to press then 'Enter' key. Please note that this feature does not work in all browsers.

If you are not sure which number or letter to use, hover over a link to remind you.

The following UK Government standard access keys are used:

  • Alt + s to skip page navigation
  • Alt + 0 for accessibility details (this page)
  • Alt + 1 for the Home page
  • Alt + 3 for the Sitemap
  • Alt + 8 for the 'Terms of Use' page
  • Alt + 9 for the 'Provide Feedback' page

Skip Links

If you are using an audio browser and don't wish to have the navigation read out to you on any page, we have included a 'skip navigation' link as one of the first entries on the page. If you select this link you will be taken straight to the main content area.

Other Points

This site has been designed with style sheets to allow maximum flexibility.

Header tags and tables summaries have been effectively added to this site.

Making a site accessible to everyone who wants to use it is important. We have attained and exceeded many industry standards in this regard.

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