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If you are looking to buy, sell, let or rent property in Bedworth then youíll find all the information you need here on, the regionís Number One property portal. Youíll find a great selection of properties available as well as area information and everything you need to know about buying, selling, renting and letting property in Bedworth.

CW Homes has a wide range of properties on offer but there are a variety of steps you can take to make your search simple.

Work out your budget

The first thing to do before you start your search for a property in Bedworth is to work out your budget and set yourself a maximum. This will help you narrow down your search to the properties most likely to suit you and will save time further down the line. It also gives your Estate Agent a clear idea of the types of property you will consider.

Bedworth property comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges! Make sure you know approximately how much mortgage you will be able to take out from the start. Mortgage lenders normally lend around three times your gross income. If you are buying property in Bedworth with someone else then the mortgage allowance is likely to be around two and a half times your joint income.

Donít forget to factor in moving costs, stamp duty (if applicable) Estate Agentís fees if you are also selling a property, solicitors fees and any savings or equity that you hold.

Narrow down your essential criteria

Will your new home in Bedworth have two, three or four bedrooms? Do you want a garden, a driveway or a conservatory? Decide what you can and canít compromise on as this will make your search less confusing. But donít be too rigid though, you might be surprised by whatís on offer or see potential in something completely different.

Where do you want to live and what kind of amenities do you need nearby? Whatever you and your family are looking for in Coventry and Warwickshire, can help you find your dream home. Consider what you need from transport links, schools, leisure facilities, travel to work, and the local community before making your decision.

Contact Bedworth Estate Agents

Once you have a reasonable idea of what kind of property you are looking for in the Coventry and Warwickshire area then itís time to contact local Independent Estate Agents. is a joint venture between 55 of the areaís busiest and best Estate Agents and you can contact them all in just one click Let us know your requirements and we will set to work straight away.

View a variety of homes in Coventry and Warwickshire

Your Independent Estate Agent will send you details of the properties that match your criteria, but nothing compares to seeing the property for yourself. It will give you a feel for what is available in your price range and enable you to make a variety of comparisons and judgements. When you have decided which homes you want to see you should contact your Independent Estate Agent to arrange a suitable viewing time.

Always try and view properties during the day so you have a clearer idea of the area, the state of repair of the property and the available light. If the viewing is unaccompanied then it might be advisable to take a friend or family member along for a second opinion.

Checklist for viewing properties in Bedworth

Before you go to a viewing it is wise to write yourself a checklist about what you are looking for. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to ask about crucial details! suggest checking the following essential things when viewing a home being sold by Coventry and Warwickshire Independent Estate Agents:

The property itself:

  • What kind of state is the roof in?
  • Is the property centrally heated?
  • How many bedrooms does it have?
  • Is it double glazed?
  • Are there any signs of damp?
  • Has the boiler been checked recently?
  • Is the cooker gas or electric?
  • Are the kitchen and bathroom big enough for your needs?
  • How old are the electrics and wiring?
  • Has planning permission been granted for any extensions or outbuildings?
  • Is the property light?
  • Where does the sun fall at different times of the day?
  • What improvement work, if any, have the current owners carried out and is it certified?
  • Is the house in a chain?

Donít be influenced by the decoration, the owners or the furnishings Ė after all, you can change anything superficial to your own personal tastes.

The road and the area:

  • Find out who lives next door
  • Ask about local shops, transport and amenities
  • Do some research about crime, schools etc on the internet before you go to view
  • Look at the general state of the street and the surrounding area and make sure you are comfortable with the state and security of the environment.
  • Try and gauge whether property prices in the area are rising or falling as this may influence your decision.

Found a property you like?

Searching for a property is easy with, so weíre sure youíll find something that you like. Once you have decided on a property then contact the selling agent immediately to make your offer.

If your offer is accepted then your Coventry and Warwickshire Independent Estate Agents will advise you about appointing the necessary solicitors to guide you through the legalities. Once you have a particular property in mind you are now in a position to apply for your mortgage. Make sure you have all the relevant information about your employers, your bank and your salary to hand.

Buying a property can sometimes be stressful. Try and learn as much as possible about the process at the outset so you can understand the different stages as the sale moves along. Hold-ups and delays do happen, but if your expectations are realistic at the beginning of the process then you will be able to take them easily in your stride.

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